Foot Surgery Centre is a Podiatric Surgery practice with specialist treatment and management of conditions requiring foot surgery.

Podiatric Surgery
Podiatric Foot surgery is performed by Podiatric Surgeons that have under gone further post graduate education and training and registered as specialist in Podiatric Surgery. Dr Nick Marino, Podiatric Surgeon, is based at this practice.

The scope of surgery ranges from minor ingrown nail procedure through to the correction of hammer toes, bunions and complex foot deformities or injuries. Procedures are performed in various private hospitals and day surgery centres in either day case or in-patient settings. Some less invasive procedures can be performed in the rooms. Surgical procedures can be performed under local anaesthesia, with the Podiatric Surgeon giving pre operative sedation if required. More extensive procedures may be suited to general anaesthesia, spinal block or neuroleptanalgesia in which a specialist anaesthetist is engaged.

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